GYPSY The touching, hilarious memoir of Lee's childhood trouping across 1920s America as the rear-end of a cow in vaudeville through her rise to stardom as The Queen of Burlesque in 1930s New York where gin came in bathtubs, gangsters were celebrities and Walter Winchell was king.

"The is show business, this America ...
This is Gypsy Rose Lee!" -- Tennessee Williams



My G-String Mother

MY G-STRING MOTHER: A Memoir of Gypsy Rose Lee by her son Erik Lee Preminger.

"Erik and Gypsy -- what a duo" NY Times Book Review
"This book absolutely had to be written" London Review of Books"
"A book that will be widely read, discussed, and quoted" Publisher Weekly
"Erik has written a heart-tugging yet funny memoir" Hollywood Reporter



The G-String Murders

THE G-STRING MURDERS: A Murder Mystery set in a burlesque theater.

"Burlesque is the background...[and] the background is perfect. Recommended for readers who feel better when their eyebrows are raised." The New Yorker
"A Rich and lusty job, brimming over with infectious vitality and a hilarious jargon of her own." LIFE
"A lurid, witty and highly competent detective story." TIME